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Crossroads Guitar Festival

Tonight I attended the Crossroads Guitar Festival, which was put together by Eric Clapton and held at the Cotton Bowl. Today I've seen Clapton, BB King, James Taylor, ZZ Top, Santana, Jeff Beck, John Mayer, Vince Gill, & others. It was fantastic!

Last night Valerie came over and at one point said, "What are you doing tomorrow night?" "Nothing," I said, "want to go see Prisoner of Azkaban?" "No, I want to see Eric Clapton." "But I assume that's sold out or really expensive." "I won tickets at work. Want to go?"

So, we sat in our free seats which were in a GREAT location (these must go for a lot of money at OU-Texas) and had like 3 times the leg room of the rows around us. The weather was perfect. It was never very hot. It clouded over and stayed very pleasant. We got rained on some at the very end as the storm blew in as ZZ Top was playing, that sure added to the fun (as did the lightning first appearing when Santana was on the stage). They cut the concert at the end of ZZ Top's set and didn't have the big set of lots of folk at the very end as planned, so we were pretty disappointed by that. But earlier there had been this crazy jam session with BB King, Clapton, and others that went out like three times as long as it was scheduled. BB King kept saying, "Can I do one more?" like 5 times. And 1 more was 15 more minutes. But it was so awesome. He's 78 years old and said it was the best jam session he's ever been in and was the highlight of his career.


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kara deAnn

i'm so jealous! i got cought in that storm heading home.... not a lot of fun. i'm glad you guys had fun tho.

Jacob Zimmer

WOW, what a great line up. I had backstage passes to a ZZ Top concert once and met the band members.


Need I even say anything about this?
I went to the guitar show, but I didn't get to hear the music. I am sure it was so powerful. You are sooooo lucky.

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