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Are You Ready for Some Football?

It is almost time for college football to start! Yippee!! That great Saturday routine that gives me an excuse to watch tv instead of clean house or do household projects (what excuse am I using today?).

Barrett and I had a long talk about the season while driving back from Georgia last week. And today I was browsing all the ranks and SI.com and ESPN.com.

Here are my pre-season predictions:

Big 12 Championship Game: Oklahoma v. Missouri
Big 10 Champion: Michigan
PAC-10 Champion: USC
Orange Bowl: USC v. Oklahoma

And who knows with the SEC. I LOVE SEC football. It is religion there. I've already started making my plans to go to Fville for either the Georgia, Mississippi, or Bama game.

All I know, is I'm so excited to get the season underway.


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College football is one of the greatest sports ever!!! And yes, it is such a different sport than that of Pro Football.. because in this case, the game matters. The players are driven to play, not by money, but for the game itself. And that's awesome. I can't wait!!

Scott Jones

And SO much better than that boring game of baseball. Right Natalie?


Good predictions Scott, but I have to say you might want to give LSU a chance at that national title because the SEC champ will always be tough in bowls. As a Texas fan, I don't dispise OU as much anymore because it is enjoyable to watch good football, and they do provide that but we'll see if Jason White holds up. I just can't wait unitl USC and Va Tech strap it up and get it going next week. I need some football in my life.


Your disdain of baseball proves that you have an inferior mind. You're the proverbial oxy moron.


I am so ready for college football! I desperately miss being in Norman for those football Saturdays - on this crisp fall mornings that are classified as football weather. I know I am freakish about OU football - but, hey, I love my school. The Beach Boys said it best, "Be true to your school."

Barrett Wooten

yes i agree with phil, baseball is the thinking mans game, football is checkers and baseball is chess.....


call me crazy but.......in my heart of hearts UT will dominate this year. even though my most precious roy williams is gone, vince young is a year older and a year wiser. all i have to say is--beware of the longhorn

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