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Garden State

I just got home from watching Garden State. I liked it a lot. It was so poignantly written. Beautifully composed. Well acted.

But the ending is all wrong. If the scene just before -- on the airport steps -- is true, then the last scene wouldn't happen. That's how we want real life to work, but it doesn't very often.

So Kara and Marty and Hallie and some of you in that gang. I realized as I drove home that I've been left in the phone booth. And I only want to be with those who want me in return. So no more waiting to see. And I think you'll be happy that I'm finally, finally there.


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Haven't seen it yet, might try to see it tonight. Glad you enjoyed it...I've heard good things.


I'm a bit speechless. I've just come from seeing Garden State. I have so much that I want to say about it, but just can't seem to put it into conherent sentences.

I'll echo Scott on the major points: It was so poignantly written. Beautifully composed. Well acted.

But, the experience of watching the film was breathtaking to me. I identified with Andrew so completely, that I lost myself in the movie. The bathtub scene killed me, totally killed me.

It's a wonderful movie.

kara deAnn

Scott.... i love you. that's really all. i can't comment on this movie b/c i don't get to watch movies anymore... but maybe someday....

Barrett Wooten

maybe the ending just isnt enought "early ninties" for you scott

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