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I Love What I Do

Being a youth minister is pretty great.

Sure this week I've had those moments you don't want -- making a mistake, making a parent/guardian upset, only having six parents show up for the annual youth parent meeting to plan the year, etc.

But, then there are these little things that are the essence of the job --

Erin & MC tp my house the night before a heavy rain. And then leave a note on my car at church with a picture of them wrapped in toilet paper.

Natalie calls just to chat.

Nathan stops by for 30 seconds on his way somewhere, just because he could.

I get to tell dorky stories about myself in high school to the kids in Sunday school and they laugh at me.



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Hey! I loved the Clay Figure of Scott so much I set it as my background on my desktop - the Congressman just saw it- I'm realively sure he thinks I'm nuts...

mary casey (MC)

Hey buddy... wow, i am so glad you arent horribly pissed. the minute it started raining, i went... OH SHIT! but hey, all i have to say is... if only you coulda seen your yard BEFORE the rain. it looked damn good! :) Laters (im glad you liked the card :))


Geez...please forgive's late - for me anyway...(I'm getting old.)


hooray for scotty mcscotter!!!


Im glad you enjoy being a minister even though we laugh at you :)... have a good week!

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