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Amazing Race

Watched last night's finale with Phil & Kelley. It was intense and fun. Chip & Kim won, and I was going for them at the end. I've always thought that they were nice but that Chip is dumb. And the weird thing is that they ended up winning because the night before they had come in the Calgary airport third and discovered that the flight the first two couples had booked before going to the hotel had ended up being delayed. At least the obnoxious Christians Brandon and Nicole didn't win. Since they kept saying that God was in control of the game and if God wanted them to win, they would, I really wanted to see an interview with them afterwards and for someone to ask them if God still loved them because they didn't win! And though Colin & Christie played hard, they revealed their viciousness last week, so I'm glad they didn't win.

Has anyone discovered any good new tv shows to watch?


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Stargate Atlantis on SciFi is alright, if you want SciFi and are into Stargate.

I have great anticipation for Lost tonight on CBS.


I thought Brandon's comment while climbing the mountain was the worst one yet - "imagine you are running to Jesus."

I have high hopes for Lost - especially since it is JJ Abrams and Alias won't be on again until January.


OK, so that is Lost on abc. Then Kevin Hill on upn. Then CSI:NY on cbs. Too bad for L&O tonight.

Scott Jones

Lost is going to be on Wednesdays? I guess that means I won't be watching it.


Set your vcr...it was pretty cool...or wait for the DVD set in a year...

Kevin Hill starts next week, so L&O got my nielson tonight.


oops, posted as my cyber ego

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