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Annual Youth Christmas Gift

For the third year I am giving a compilation cd to all my youth as their Christmas gift from me. I first did it in 2002 because I had collected a lot of music that year (finally could afford to buy cds), had really gotten into listening to a wider range of new things, and felt it was a a great year in music. Last year was such a sucky year in music, that I didn't think I could fill a cd with enough meaningful music, so I did a compilation of some of my favourite music from throughout my life. This year there was a small handful of albums that I really liked, so I did a cd of music from this year, it jusn't isn't as varied as the last two cds. Here, for your perusal, is the list of music on "Some of Scott's Favourite Music 2004."

1) "I Shall Not Be Moved" by Johnny Cash -- This was on the spectacular posthumous release My Mother's Hymn Book. All these old gospel hymns emphasize the hope in the resurrection and the eschaton (the last days). The music of the poor often seems to look forward to the kingdom and use that language and symbolism. This particular one really moved me :) because of its assurance that we can make it through the difficulties of life.

2) "Hospital Bed" by Ben Kweller -- I picked up On My Way in April and saw Ben Kweller at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in September. These are pop songs with profound lyrics and great music. This is one that's great to sing along to while driving.

3) "Make It All Okay" by R. E. M. -- The new R. E. M. album, Around the Sun, depressed me when I first heard it, especially this song. Not only does it express pain resulting from a break-up, but it also has religious implications.

4) "Not Even Stevie Nicks . . ." by Calexico -- I heard them perform at ACL and immediately went and bought the cd. Feast of Wire is my second favourite album of the year. There are three of their songs on this compilation cd, and all of them sound different. I think that Calexico sounds different from anyone else I've heard.

5) "Kite Song" by Patty Griffin -- I listened to this album while browsing at CD World in Addison and had to have it. I had never listened to Patty Griffin before, which is my huge loss. Impossible Dream is my favourite album of 2004. This song is exquisite.

6) "I Need You Back" by Ben Kweller -- If you've ever been dumped, you identify with this song.

7) "High on a Mountain Top" by Loretta Lynn -- Lorretta's Jack White produced album was marvelous. This is my favourite song from the album, because it is so much fun.

8) "The World at Large" by Modest Mouse -- I really like this song a lot. Too bad when I saw them live they stank. I guess they'll be a one hit wonder?

9) "Wanderlust" by R. E. M. -- One of the few songs from their album where the music is more upbeat. The more I listen to this album, the more it grows on me. After my first encounter with it, I didn't listen to it much for about a month or so, but have gotten back to listening to it and developing some real favourites.

10) "Wishbones" by Slaid Cleaves -- I also picked up this album at CD World. I really liked the sound. Besides this track, there are other really good ones, but it is the only one that made the final cut of this compilation. Cleaves voice is almost hypnotic. This song begins plaintive but then the tempo picks up and you move along with it.

11) "Rowing Song" by Patty Griffin -- Her music is just lovely. And her words speak deeply to me.

12) "In the Garden" by Johnny Cash -- Makes me feel like I'm sitting in the small, old, white, rural church in Narcissa, OK that my grandparents belonged to. And it gives me hope.

13) "I Wanted to Be Wrong" by R. E. M. -- Continuing the sorrowful theme of the rest of the album, though this one also looks beyond personal relationships to the larger social and political situation. I like the phrase "milk and honey congregations" in the section about how those who have it well off. He even gets in a dig about America not working with its allies.

14) "Sunken Waltz" by Calexico -- This seemed very much like a Woody Guthrie song to me. Like the line "called a last fair deal with an American seal and coporate handshakes." This song also makes me think of Marty.

15) "Original of the Species" by U2 -- I'm still not sure what I think of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. I like it more than I did at first, but other than it being good background music while driving, I haven't really been touched by any of the songs. This one has come closest. I wanted more political rhetoric, like the two songs before. Some have explained (including Bono) that the album is political because of its focus on personal relationships. In that case, then, almost every song on this compilation of mine is a political song. And I do get that, but it still isn't what I had hoped for from U2. Just now as I listened to this song, I think I liked it the most I've liked it.

16) "Where the Soul of Man Never Dies" by Johnny Cash -- Every one of the songs on this album speaks powerfully to me. And hearing them sung so simply and with Cash's very aged and weathered voice gives them even more power.

17) "Van Lear Rose" by Loretta Lynn -- Can't you hear the love Loretta has for her parents in this? And Jack White's production is spectacular. She sounds so amazing on this album; no where near her age. Unbelievable that she wasn't nominated for album of the year.

18) "The One You Love" by Rufus Wainwright -- Rufus has been a favourite for three years now, since Julie Vire got me hooked. The two best songs from the album ("Art Teacher" and "Gay Messiah") I didn't put on this compilation because I wasn't sure they were appropriate for everyone I give this cd to as a Christmas gift (particularly the middle school kids). Rufus has such a unique style. This album, Want Two, came with a DVD of a concert and that was great to watch.

19) "On My Way" by Ben Kweller -- This sounds more like a folk song than his other pop songs.

20) "Across the Wire" by Calexico -- See? Now who else is making music that sounds like this? And in person it really rocks.

21) "Do Lord" by Johnny Cash -- This is a prayer, but it is full of assurance. Cash knows that God does remember him and that he is about to go home. What a blessing!

22) "When It Don't Come Easy" by Patty Griffin -- The song that meant the most to me all year.

Okay, there it is.


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I see no metal, Scott. Sad, sad, sad.

juan penalosa

very much a fan of the english spelling of "favorite."

Scott Jones

I also spell "colour" and "behaviour" the proper way, instead of the Spanish -or influence on American English.


hey! that last song= tears to the eyes.. and modest mouse is anything but a one hit wonder. they've already had 2 or 3 radio hits, along with being named "Band of the Year" by Spin... now, granted the latter isn't amazing or anything, but it certainly distinguishes them from the proposed OHW label.. anywho. I'm looking forward to playing my copy! I'll have to get the other cd's you've made me and start a "Scott Section" in my collection, along with my "marshall section" and "perry farrell homage"... and yes. the metal is lacking a bit...


Hooray for Patty Griffin! I wish I was in your youth group, so I could get a copy of this. (Hint, hint- feel free to bring me one.)

Jacob Zimmer

Did I ever tell you that I met Ben Kweller? In fact, the girl I dated when I lived in Dallas was a childhood friend of his from before he was famous and she introduced me to him after a concert. We hung out backstage and took pictures and stuff. He seemed pretty strung out and my date said that he did a lot of cocaine. I really enjoyed the concert.


i posted today! check it out!

-mary casey

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