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Iraqi Elections

Even if you did not support the war, feel that the reconstruction was handled poorly, and overall oppose this American administration, we should all be excited about the elections in Iraq. I took joy in the fact that voter turnout was high. I loved the images on the news yesterday. Democracy is a beautiful thing to watch.

So I will congratulate this administration when it gets something right (even if they went about it the wrong way). But the real congratulations go to the Iraqi people. May they have a better future than the past they have had and may they forgive us for what we've done wrong.


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*holding a beer in the air*

Here Here!


I'll drink to that. (hoisting my can of Sprite)


I voted. Twice.

John J

Hats off to the Iraqi people. Got to hand it to a bunch of men and women who vote and risk their lives doing so when people here are too damn lazy to do it.


I bet old Kennedy, John Kerry and Nancy Plosie are upset the election went so well. There will be less than 60,000 troops left in Iraq by november 2006....


Ooh, Glenn, I bet they are! Those stupid commie fuckers.

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