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Regarding Open Water

Since my picking Open Water for the worst film I saw this year is under attack (even on other websites), I want to say more than what I said in my comment in response to Greg and Kristen (go read that first).

Yes, the audience one sees a movie with highly influences a film. That's why I tell people that if they aren't going to go see a Star Wars movie on the opening weekend with the packed crowd who is fully into it, then don't go see it. Because if you aren't caught up in the magic, it won't work.

So I saw Open Water with a packed audience with no open seats. Usually such an audience has come because they are really excited about seeing a movie and want to give it their all. And that audience hated the film, all of us I surmise.

Maybe watching at home on your tv is different, but when "scary" things happened in this movie, we were all laughing. Loudly. And dismissively.

The only sequence that I even found remotely tense, was during the storm at night. Otherwise it was lame. Sure it was innovatively filmed, which was why we all thought it would be cool. But it wasn't. It simpy wasn't. One of the few films in my life that I'd ask for my money back and the 3 and 1/2 hours of my life spent seeing it.


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First of all, Scott, unless you still suffer from night jitters or live near the ocean, it's unlikely that a shark movie should actually scare you. I don't go for the "cat in the rafters" kind of scares anyway. I liked the movie, not because it was scary, but because it was tense and moody and there was a sense of utter despair after the storm. The storm sequence was excellent, and you have to give these folks credit for pulling off a decent film with the money and time they had available.

I doubt everyone hated the movie in the theater. Mob rules apply in films as well. People who liked it weren't likely to speak up. Packed theaters do not indicate discerning movie-goers either. The average person going to see a "scary, shark movie" is unlikely to appreciate the sacrifice of the filmmakers or the techniques involved. The crowd you were with may well have cheered raucously for Freddy Versus Jason or Alien Versus Predator.

Phil's right. You missed on this one.


Please never, ever mention AvP again. I should wash your mouth out with soap.

And I love Alien 1-3 and the Predator story, too. *sob*


Okay...I'm going to lay off Scott now. Sorry, Scott. To each their own, I guess. This whole discussion begs another topic that I'm REALLY intersted in: how does where/when you view a movie affect what you think of said movie. For instance: I can't imagine a packed house really "getting into" 'Lost in Translation.' I went to LIT on one of the first few weekends and I didn't get the impression that people liked it. It doesn't really provoke wild emotional response anyway so my impression is merely speculative. BUT...I still really liked the movie the first time around. Now, that's not to say I "loved" it, then. BUT, after getting it on DVD and after having watched it several times, I LOVE that movie. It has spoken volumes more with every viewing.

Several media types were saying that those who didn't see LIT in the theaters would not like it. But, I disagreed with that theory as I thought the story reached out in both mediums (video, big-screen). I sit here and think about it, there are countless personal examples of films that I watched on video (as a 1st-time-viewing-experience) and didn't like. But...I'm more assured that I'd like whatever film those were if I had seen them with a mob.

I saw both Stars Wars I & II in packed Opening Day theaters. You're right. There's a buzz about the place. Unfortunately, each film has failed in my opinion. That's not each particular film's fault (or maybe it is), I just don't think they lived up to the memory of my past (middle 3 films). Star Wars (1 & 2): opening day experience, fun. As films, they suck. 5 popcorn, 1 film reel, as you say.


I didn't much like the movie either. I enjoyed the making of the movie on the bonus features better than I enjoyed the movie. But on the up-side, she was hot!



I loved LIT as well. I saw it on DVD for the first time. It was quiet in the house, semi-dark, and I had two glasses of wine through the film. It was the perfect environment for that movie, so I loved it from the first viewing. I think Coppola sets a mood as well as anyone in the business. Few movies are as eerily beautiful as Virgin Suicides.


Hey Scott, the commercials for OW were enough for me to stay away from that piece of shit movie. So your assessment of it being horrible is fine with me.

On a second note, check out my Top 5 bands post, i would like to hear from you, Dr. Jones.


I am retarded by the way and just noticed that you already posted. Disregard my previous comment except for my remarks about Open Water. Peace out.

Marshall Behre

I liked "Open Water". Maybe I just liked the premise of it so much that I was willing to forgive a lot of its shortcomings. My friends and I still dont agree over what happened at the end of the movie(suicide or shark?). It wasn't the best movie of the year(my top three were Friday Night Lights, Team America, and Napoleon Dynamite), but it wasn't the worst either. Did you see "Ladder 49"? AWFUL!

Marshall Behre

Oh yeah, and everyone in the theatre that saw "Open Water" hated it. All twelve or so people(packed night) there were voicing their dislike loudly. Except me. I still maintain enjoying it.


scott is right, i went with him to go see it and was really excited before it started but then was dissapointed for an hour and half, it was a decent comedy, but a terrible "scary" movie



My wife and I both thought suicide.

John J

Don't forget the gratuitous nudity that was completely pointless and un-needed. I think it was a ploy to attract viewers, but that's just me.

Hannah Goodwin

I really need help me and my best mate are debating, she things that a shark dragged her under and i fink it was sucide :S
Plz we need to find out who is ryt

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