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I really enjoyed my visit to Fayetteville. You should see the new public library! It's gorgeous. We were so excited when the plans were released a few years ago. I'm so proud that some of my tax dollars for a time when to construct this building. It sits nicely just a few blocks from the square and makes splendid use of the landscape. There are huge windows looking out on the Boston Mountains with great reading areas from which to look. Everything about the design is spectacular -- it is roomy, attractive, functional, inviting, easy to understand, easily accessed, etc.

Stopped by my favourite used bookstore. I used to drive over to this bookstore even before I lived in Fville, and it was one of the reasons I was excited to move there. I had thought I wouldn't go by, because I didn't need to buy any books. But I can't help it. And I bought a bunch of books (as always). It is one of those bookstores where the rooms just keep going and going and the shelves and piles are everywhere and half the fun is just looking for what you are looking for.

I had a delightful lunch with Henrietta Holcomb, Mary Jane Haley, and Mary Ann Haley. Mary Jane is 91 and Henrietta is 83 (I think). I always have a blast with them. Then coffee with the Fergusons who are hardly every in Fville because they RV a lot and go all over the country. They've got this peaceful place out in the same valley I lived in. So I got to drive by my house and get annoyed that all the lovely and expensive landscaping I did has not been taken care of -- it is overgrown and the grass has invaded the flower beds. ARGH!

And there was a nice winter mix on Friday. Saturday as I drove back down through the Boston Mountains, the freeze line was just above the road, so all the trees at high elevations were covered in ice! Lovely!

So I had my good time and was ready to get back to Dallas.


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