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Green Space

One of the reasons I bought where I did when I moved to Dallas was because of all the green space in the area near my house -- parks, golf course, undeveloped land. In recent months one of the largest sections of green space, with lots and lots of trees, has been cleared to make way for office buildings (in our mostly residential neighborhood). The other day I saw a for sale sign in one of the parks and thought it was a funny prank. Today I drive by and there is a massive for sale sign where the small one was before. This is no prank. I guess the section for sell isn't part of the park, but just borders it? But it looks like the for sale sign is smack dab in the middle of the park. One of the ironies is that it advertises "Modernist Living."


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Near where I live, on my way to work in fact, there was this beautiful little hill that has been for sale for at least 15 years. As I drove in this morning, to my horror, I saw bulldozers and earth moving equipment. As I drove past a huge oak tree was toppled. My pretty little hill is no more. Appartently, they're building a grocery store.


Hmm... I'm putting money on parking lot. At least that's what the song says...

Eric Mariott

long live concrete, steel, and glass!!!

wait..i is cool.

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