My Youth Ministry Benediction
#2 -- My Journey Out: Beginnings

#1 -- My Journey Out: Introduction

So I've been publicly out for a few weeks now. Actually, it was published on the internet and a matter of public record on March 24. I assume that anyone who reads this site regularly already knows (especially if they read the sermon I preached at CoH), but I had planned to wait to explicitly talk about it until last Friday out of respect for carrying out my current duties. But I also didn't want to leave Dallas completely without beginning to share my story. This post and the one following were up for one hour last Friday morning, but I took them back down and waited till tonight.

The post that is about to follow I wrote the first draft of in early January and have had it waiting for the right time to use it. My favourite series on this blog have been the stories I have told from my past. The name of the blog is MyQuest: My Thoughts on Life's Journey. Since the blog's inception, I have not been sharing openly all of my journey. I wish I had been able to, but I don't regret the last year. In fact, I think telling these stories in retrospect will be better. I can more easily reflect upon them and structure them into more of a narrative.

Beyond the first post, I have ideas of what I want to write about, but how I write about it will be difficult. I won't be able to share every detail. I want to protect friends and family and colleagues, because this was a journey of lots of people. How to write about the difficult moments without hurting someone, especially when someone's initial reaction might not be their settled position? Some of those stories may have to wait to be written and published years from now.

You've heard the stories of my faith journey. You've heard the stories of my journey as a minister so far. You've heard the stories of my political journey. Now hear the story of my journey out.

I'm really looking forward to this.


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