#5 -- My Journey Out: What Took You So Long?
The First Weekend Home

#5.5 -- My Journey Out: Further Addendum

I had planned on writing this before seeing the last comment. I wanted to skipped ahead just a bit to spare folk confusion in my next series of blog posts.

John and I walked a long and often difficult journey in our relationship. We are now friends. As a mutual decision between the two of us, we realized that a longterm romantic relationship would never work. That was a good and right decision that we came to after a lot of talking through issues. It was fully mutual and fully rational. No one had to persuade the other or hurt the other when that decision was made. We are now friends and, as friends, care deeply for one another.

As to the other question, I've not specified the time sequence on purpose. I'm not writing a chronicle or a history. I am telling my story and am trying to unfold it in a storytelling fashion.

Further Addendum
The sixth post that I had planned I've decided not to post. It was to be entitled "The Happiest Moments of My Life." But I've decided that I don't want to share those with an audience this broad. Some of my friends were privileged to the story of my relationship, its high points and low points. For the rest of my friends who want to know that story, I'm sorry, but I'm not sharing that right now.

So I have to adjust course, meaning that a new number six (probably the planned number seven) will be a while in coming. Seven was going to be difficult to write anyway.


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hey scott, i must say i love reading your blog. but, i do enjoy speaking with you, even if it has to be via AIM, even more. i saw your comment on my xanga, and i did a little research on Jorge Luis Borges and was curious what short stories you would suggest by him?


scott, sorry to post again, but i found myself looking at your amazon.com wish list. and i noted that you had wanted some works by kurosawa. i have only seen one of his works myself, dreams, but i absolutley adored it. i have only heard great things about the seven samurai and rashomon. just thought i would point that out. talk to you later bud.


Scott, i was so sorry and shocked when John told me that you resigned. I did not take the time or opportunity to tell you how priviledged and happy we were with your ministry to our youth, and dissapointed that our other to-be youths won't experience that same relationship.
We also "knew " it all along. The truth is, spirituality to me is about being free. That is the journey. Bondage comes in so many forms and faces. The space to be who we really are is a precious gift. I am so happy that you are giving yourself that gift. Knowing the truth about ourselves, whether we label it positive or negative. In the end I believe it is mostly Grace that enables us to live freely.

take care, we miss you,

Scott Jones

Pierce. Rashomon, Ran, Seven Samurai, etc. are excellent. Try the Borges collection Ficciones or if you want specific short stories, try "Circular Ruins" and "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis, Tertius."

Bridget. Thank you for your wonderful comments.

Jacob Zimmer

I wish I could be gay too.

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