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This morning during my walk, I was enjoying the useless activity of speculating on the College of Cardinals. No one knows what's going on or what they are thinking. But it is fun to act like you can figure it out. I thought that if we got a pope today it would be Ratzinger. I figure the early favourite gets a few ballots to see if they can build the supermajority before his voters start moving to other candidates. So I feel pretty good about my speculation. But I still didn't think he'd get it.

I'm disappointed. For a decade I've been an Arinze fan and had hoped for some sort of bold step. I must say that Cardinal Ratzinger scares me a little bit. I'm afraid he will head the church in an even more conservative direction, backing even further away from the gains of Vatican II.

But I will have to give him a chance. We'll see. So, God's blessing upon Benedict XVI.


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First off: I will forever call him German Benny. Secondly, I've shamlessly ripped my friend, Matthews, points about him and will post them thusly: (1) they chose a non-Italian; (2) his conservativism may be what the church needs to absorb and digest the fairly progressive and certainly extensive work of JP2 and his two predecessors; (3) his conservative credentials my be just what are needed to move the church forward with JP2's progressive agenda; (4) his selection of the name Benedict (XV was a moderate) may indicate his hope to soften his conservative reputation; (5) his age suggests he won't be a long-term pope; (6) all of these factors could potentially bode well for the selection of a non-European pope next time around, an event that would definitely shake-up the RCC, for the good I would add.

This would bode well for an Arinze run (should Benny die early...not sure of Arinze's age).

Lastly, will Scott forever try to work in the word "favourite" for its own sake?


I was really hoping for Arinze as well, but I choose to remain optimistic. Pope Benny has had to play the yes man his whole life, but we know back when he began he was known as very progressive. Phil's take on this is cool. If Pope Benny does promote some of the issues we believe in (much more open to EVERYone) his conservative rep would make him the only one that could pull it off. Good thoughts guys. We will pray...


Yes, Kelly. I will pray. And I am hoping, as many Catholics are, that this is what will happen, much in the same way that the liklihood of there ever being a woman president or a black pres will need to come from the Republican party.

John J

One thing that's bugging me is how the left always keep bringing up the fact that he was in the Hitler Youth (a hot button if I ever heard of one), but don't follow it up. Hitler youth service was compulsory in 1941 (the year he joined), and he fled (a crime punishable by death) from the German anti-aircraft corps. Both he and his family were strongly anti-Nazi (his father was a policeman who unsucessfully tried to round up the brownshirts). He may be conservative, but don't try to drag a good man's name through the mud people.

Scott Jones

John, I fully agree. Many currently prominent German males were forced into service. Ratzinger bravely fled his service. I don't question the man's character or integrity.

Brittany Wooten

I'll be in Dallas this weekend...just so you know...twill be a sad day to see you go, but I'm very excited for your new opportunities!


This was not much of a surprise for anyone it seems like. I think he will be a "paper work" pope. He is just going to work on JP II's legacy. Still, I think he might (might-maybe I am just hoping)end up being more moderate than any of the other candidates.


my birthday


im pissed that i cant go the concert this weekend............a lot


I thought I would add 2 thoughts to Scott's comments.

First, Benedict was one of the very few cardinals still around who actually participated in Vatican II. He has written extensively (and beautifully) about its effects, particularly the liturgy. To say that he will move away from Vatican II presupposes a better understanding of what Vatican II really was.

Second, I hesistate when the dynamic of the Church is described in "conservative" and "liberal" or "progressive" terms. Too often, those labels are used to shade preferenes of positions. The faithful of the Church seek the authentic expression of the truth of Christ in the world as we find it. Anything else is an agenda, in my opinion.

Thank you for your prayers, Scott. He will need them!


One must take a shower after reading your story.

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