Benedict XVI
My Youth Ministry Benediction

The Blessing that is Royal Lane

Now I'll try to write the post that I had planned to write last Wednesday night (I actually wrote the following post early morning last Friday).

The last few weeks have been pretty incredible. Over-the-top wonderful, in fact. In so many ways I have finally gotten to live the life I wanted to in Dallas. To be completely open and honest has been refreshing. A blessing.

Of course we wondered how the announcement of my resignation would go over, because of all the other issues involved. The last two Wednesday nights we've had more youth present than we have had in months. After youth group last week a handful of us went out to dinner. Natalie explained that she had figured "it" out and that they all had and that the parents had talked and that "nobody cares" were her words.

Within two days of my announcement lunch and dinner booked for the next two weeks. As I sit down to lunch with these church members they want to hear all about the new church and the process that took me to CoH. Then they want to hear all the back story. Some express sadness that they didn't get to share in the journey. I've had to do a lot of explaining as to why I didn't tell them. Others rejoice in the fact that Royal Lane provided an opportunity for me to explore who I really am.

Last week it was wonderful to stand in the pulpit one last time and to then celebrate communion.

I hear that the one effort to make an issue of it was dealt with successfully by church leadership. For that I was very grateful and very proud.

So for weeks now I've been floating. That's all the more reason I got so angry on Wednesday, but I don't want to talk about that anymore.

Because Royal Lane has been an amazing blessing to me. Royal Lane blessed me beginning six years ago when I met Tim Youmans and received his ministry. Royal blessed me as I got to know their folk while I was in Fville. And it was SO exciting when they said they wanted me as their youth minister, even if I did tell them "no" at first. What an honour to come here. What an honour to really develop as a minister here.

And what an honour to have lived through the last few weeks.


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