#10 -- My Journey Out: Mom's Visit

Summer Cold

Well, this cold I've been battling for a couple of weeks finally seems to have caught up with me, mainly because I think I'm so worn out. So after working some yesterday morning, I laid around yesterday afternoon and am working from home today all in an effort to relax and let my body restore itself. Yesterday I went out and bought lots of medicine to dope up on. Mom caught it and seems to have it worse (or something else besides), and now Revis is getting sick. This is Mom's week of vacation, but instead of doing what she had planned, she's sitting around coughing her lungs up.

I've had such a crazy schedule the last few weeks, coming after a couple of crazy months. Last week over the nine days from weekend to weekend, I made three trips to Dallas -- two driving and one flying. Three times I had my car in the shop being worked on. My laptop died on Saturday, with the sermon for Sunday only on it. When I'm in Dallas I never have enough time for all the things I need to do -- work, pack, run errands, visit with Royal Laners, hang out with new CoH friends, and spend time with my boyfriend. Yes, exactly as I predicted, I'd move to OKC and find someone in Dallas.

But this month has been rich and meaningful. I'm loving preaching every week. What a fun discipline. I really enjoy this very social congregation. I have a blast when I'm hanging out with the staff in Dallas. Three articles about me have appeared in the local press. We've had many visitors at church. I'm enjoying reconnecting with those OKC-area friends that I didn't see everytime I'd travel back here for the holidays. A couple of weeks ago I spent the day in Norman and really felt old, because I suddenly realized how long it had been since I had walked the campus daily.

This weekend will be very busy. It is the annual Gay Rodeo here in OKC, and I'll be at our booth most of the weekend. Plus there are five parties in three days and the Paseo Arts Festival. Dorothy, Revis' mom, will be in town for a week beginning Thursday. And the boyfriend is coming to visit this weekend.

I hope I get this cold kicked before Friday, or I'll be exhausted again next week!


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