Blessing for the Outcast
Jesus is Lord

#14 -- My Journey Out: February

In January the ex and I began speaking again. It was off and on at first, but by the end of February the communication was pretty regular, and we would hang out when I was in OKC. Neither of us had any idea where it was headed, but it was good to be talking again. I knew that one way or the other, we'd figure out whether to get back together or not.

The first time I saw him in ten months was the night of my birthday dinner when nineteen friends and family all came together to celebrate my birthday. It was a spectacular event, if you remember my writing about it at the time. It seemed to be this wonderful celebration at the end of a difficult year. Here was my family, almost all of whom knew and were okay. Even the one's who weren't okay came. And they were even in the same room with the ex, though I didn't introduce them to each other (though they did know who each other were). Mom and Revis met the ex for the first time, too and that went well. Plus here were many of my old friends and many of my new friends (mainly friends made in the blog community). I sat there smiling and so obviously happy. People kept commenting on how happy I was. I was just shocked that after the year I'd had that this event was occurring and that all these people were in the same room together and not fighting.

It also looked as if everything was coming together. Months before it looked as if my life was falling apart. Now, it looked like everything was about to fall together, beyond my wildest dreams. That scared me, because it just seems like things never go that well.

The night before I had interviewed with the Pastor-Parish Relations Team of the Cathedral of Hope. At the start of the week, Michael Piazza had called to see if I was going home for my birthday. If I was, he wanted me to meet with the committee. He told me that I was one of two finalists. My meeting with the team had been fantastic. When I walked into the room, I felt like I knew all these people, though I had never met them before. Other ministers have told me that they have had similar experiences. For almost three hours we talked. Quickly it had turned from an interview into dreaming and sharing of vision. It was so exciting that I left with the feeling that it would be an honour to be their pastor.

Thirty-one seemed destined to be a better year than thirty!


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