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Batman Begins

What a good story. And I liked that there were these horror elements to the film. The way Scarecrow was done was great.

I did have my problems. I feel that areas of the script weren't very tidy, especially at the end. Many people had been affected by the poison, and you really don't see what the outcome of that is. It couldn't have been pleasant.

The way the fight scenes were filmed and edited, it was sometimes difficult to actually see what was going on. Ever since the advent of digital editing, this has been a problem for films. I like to watch the coreography of a fight scene, which means actually being able to see what's happening.

I liked all the key cast members and thought they gave really fine performances.

What I'm most curious about is where they go from here. This is supposed to be a prequel to the Burton Batman. I'm assuming that they will continue to make new Batman films with Bale. Will they revisit some of the villains we've already encountered or will the next film be the sequel to Batman and Robin?

2 1/2 film reels
4 popcorn kernels


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Is this movie even related to Burton's Batman? There was no mention of dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight when Bruce wAyne's parents were killed.


I HATE THAT MOVIE.... except Katie Holmes


Okay, this is coming from a comic book nerd and Batman geek. Batman Begins is a much better, truer portrayal of Batman. Most of what was in the movie is from the comic, which is always good. I believe it wasn't supposed to be a prequel, it was a complete renewal, meaning all the films before this don't exist. I do hope they continue with Bale and redo the entire series. I see your problem with the fight scenes but they were still great, a lot better than those over digitalized stylish fights like the matrix. Very believable fights being a comic book film.


I wanted to add one more comment about the script. I konw you said it left you kind of hanging because it didn't show the outcome of the outbreak. The reason there isn't any closure in the film is because it takes place in this other world. In a comic world especially DC (old DC that is) the story completes itself, once you see the hero triumpant, you know all is going to fine and everything else takes care of itself. So don't be too harsh on them, they were writing in a different world than the one we live in. Which is so great about comics, leaving our troubles behind and embarking on an adventure. Sorry, it was a long comment.


i wasnt a huge fan

i thought Bale played a better Bruce than Batman

the lines at the end were TERRIBLE (almost as bad as every line in the spiderman movies)

Marshall Behre

Batman Begins had nothing to do with Burton's Batman. I believe that the next movie will be a continuation of this Batman story. Scarecrow was never apprehended and there was a Joker teaser at the end. Is that where this will be going?

John J

I really hope Nolan directs a sequel to this movie, with Ed Norton as The Joker. Can I get an amen?

The fighting bothered me too. My brother sums it up perfectly. With the editing technology we have these days, anybody can learn kungfu with fast cuts and slapping.

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