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Harmful Books, According to Conservatives

Thanks to Grant Morgan for this link to the 10 Most Harmful Books of the 19th & 20th Centuries, according to a group of Right Wingers.

I can agree with a couple of them (like Mein Kampf) being harmful. I can also agree that harmful effects have sometimes come from the interpretation and application of the ideas in some of these books (but the same can be said for the Bible). Misunderstanding and fearing some of the important ideas contained in these writings is unfortunate. There is much to be learned here. Though I am not a Marxist and do not agree with Nietzsche, there are VERY significant and important things contained in their work.


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This list of books begs the question, "Harmful to what?" From the introduction of the article itself, I assume the answer is "Harmful to conservative scholars and public policy leaders."

I think a step in the right direction would be to stop teaching our citizens to fear change. I mean, come on: since when is "helped nurture the Clinton generation" a valid excuse to condemn a book? (I'm referring to #5, "Democracy and Education." )


Educators created this list? Are they all from Bob Jones university. I have to agree with Trav, Harmful to What? your ability to think independantly from the church, or so called "conservative values"?

Jennifer O

-I am quite proud to have read some of these "dangerous books" at OBU.

-Did anyone else note the ad for the "risk free" subscription to Human Events? I would argue that you risk quite a bit to subscribe. Quite. A. Bit.

(shaking fist in the air)Don't you dare come between me and Dewey, Phyllis Schlafly.


The Feminine Mystique is one they can do away with. There will always be a battle between us and "working mothers". What they don't realize is we do work 24/7, our pay is not monetary. We are paid with love and kisses. I know there are special circumstances of single parenthood. But I think that sometimes we have to learn how to make sacrifices to be there for our children. To think of some stranger getting to experience all the "firsts" in their lives. It has not been easy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. So, Scott, what have I done with my life since we graduated. I have raised two beautiful little girls

John J

I wish I could say this list made me laugh, because it's so ridiculous, but it actually jus tmakes me furious. Interesting is the implication that Chang Kai Shek would have been a better ruler than Mao Zedong, seeing as he was a ruthlessly homicidal maniac. When is this country going to let go of our mouth-frothing obsession with communism? I would think we've come a long way since the days when we were ousting legitimately appointed leaders for their socialist politics, but apparently that day is still very far off. This list makes me sick to my stomach.

Did anybody else notice that "Origin of the Species" is on the honorable mentions list? As well as "Unsafe at Any Speed" by Ralph Nader, which I believe is an argument for better safety measures in cars and mandatory seat belt laws...I am absolutely dumbfounded that anybody could find that book "harmful".

I'm seething.

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