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The Passion of Joan of Arc

Significant Films Project

I've decided what my next blog project is going to be.

When I left Royal Lane, the staff gave me a virtual gift certificate for Amazon. I waited two months to spend it, because I really wanted to reflect on what I wanted. No hasty decisions. I elected not to get any books besides pre-ordering Harry Potter, because my reading list is long enough at the moment and is always long. I spent most of it on DVDs. I actually bought things from my Amazon wish list (Joe Hill says no one ever buys anything from anyone else's wish lists except the person herself). These aren't the popular films that I'd be likely to get at Christmas or would pick up myself while tooling around Tower Records or Best Buy.

I got Carl T. H. Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc, The Bicycle Thief, and Casablanca. The last two nights I watched the first two. Last night I watched The Bicycle Thief with the incredible Marty Peercy. We, of course, talked about this and other films for an hour or more between putting the DVD in the machine and finally pressing start. During the conversation I realized that part of what I missed about my Louisa Street years was that in a three year time span I saw many of the greatest films ever made, many of them for the first time. Though long a film buff, this was my avid movie watching period. I miss it. And I miss discovering those greats for the first time.

While driving home from Marty's, I realized that I should make it a goal over the next months to re-watch the films that 1) I think are the greatest films or 2) have been significant to me in some way. And I should watch as many of them with friends as possible. Then I can write about them on the blog, with the occasional tangent to discuss a specific director, actor, genre, or theme.

So, here goes.


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