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Exhausted and Energized

The best story will be the last one.

This week was the 35th anniversary of the Cathedral of Hope -- Dallas. I was there most of the week working (including good amounts of time to hang out with Royal Lane and Dallas friends and work on my house). But it was a fun week. We had receptions and special worship services and the Gayla on Saturday night -- a black tie event that was an incredible party. John was busy working most of the weekend, but the time we had together was precious and wonderful. I feel SO privileged to be his boyfriend.

The funniest moment of the Gayla was during the dance when the dance floor was packed with about 50% young gay men and 50% middle-aged to senior adult lesbian couples. The moment was seeing a bunch of gray haired lesbians dance to "It's Raining Men." Hallelujah!

16 CoH-OKC people attended the festivities and church in Dallas this morning. About half went to the early service and half the 11 o'clock. Those of us that left Dallas later got stuck in the construction back up at the border for an hour or more (I've driven it six Sundays this summer and never once had a problem on a Sunday). I had to drive 80-85 most of the rest of the way home and got to the church 15 minutes before the service. The rest trickled in throughout the hour.

So, I was pretty exhausted when the service began. But I was soon really energized. It was an amazing service. The music was phenomenal and so was the spirit of the congregation. We had 85. Our highest attendance since mid-May and an incredible number for us really. I counted roughly 10 first time visitors. Next week is our Fifth Anniversary. We are having a banquet after the service and as of 8:30 tonight we have reservations for 142 for next week!!!!!

Tonight I wrapped up our Genesis study. And I preached without a manuscript (though earlier in the week I typed up a rough draft of my thoughts, so I'd have something to post here and on the CoH site). I took a cue from Ray who about three times a year really emphasized what he was saying by preaching from the sanctuary floor. I was nervous about it, but I remembered everything I wanted to say and I think it really was effective.

Here's the good story.

Tonight I had a first time visitor tell me this story. Their daughter is mentally handicapped. The Baptist church they used to go to wouldn't let her take communion because she was not able to stand before the congregation and proclaim "Jesus is Lord." The girl can't speak. The father asked the minister of the Baptist church, "You mean to tell me that becaue my daughter can't speak she isn't in the kingdom of God?" The minister said yes.

Tonight she received communion for the first time.


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Wow, that last story was a dozy! I wonder what the pastor would have said if she began to proclaim it using sign language.

Lee Eddy


That last story is the best one. I was involved in a dispute over communion at the church I recently left (and at which I did youth work for some five and a half years) and it absolutely sickened me. It wasn't as bad as the story you describe, but it was bad.

But Praise GOD! Jesus IS Lord and she is invited to his table to feast. I'm mad enough to spit and swear and happy enough to laugh and cry.



Kevin Sinclair

Absolutely amazing. Could you be at a more wonderful church?

Analise Gonzalez

The gayla sounds fun!I saw your comment on the people you met that I babysit for. Scott Mckenzie and Mike Bobbitt are two incredible men with wonderful hearts. They thought it was really neat you were my past youth group minister. Anyways, I'm glad you're doing well! take care.

Jennifer Hammett


Thanks for being you and thanks to your church for worshipping the way you do!

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