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Scott, this one I have a big opinion on. But as Norman would say I must be tactful. And right now I don't have a lot of that in me after reading this. I will get back to you.


Doesn't that remind you of like nut jobs who build compounds in the woods waiting for big gov. to take them down. The dude must have trouble seeing through his klansman hood. Too much anger to write right now. Thanks for posting it.


Ok, I think I'm ready to try this. First off, I will admit that I am a homeschooler. Not for the reasons that these people may use it as. But really, home-churching. What is wrong with surrounding yourself with like believers? What is wrong with gathering to praise, worship and glorifying our Father. Not everything is gloom doom and dispair. He says what will happen is we disobey him. But lets focus on what He will do when we are in obedience. And what is wrong with praise and worship music. Do we want somber depressing music. Let me tell ya that's going to get us on fire for God. But then again I come from a crappie flopper church, so there is a whole other debate.


The dude's problems with organized church is he doesn't want his children embracing forgieners and others. I think it has do with being racist, prejuidice and down right ignorant.


I love the Onion.

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