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This House

Five months ago I moved out of this house, though most of my stuff is still here. It feels SO weird being in it. It does every time I come down, but this trip particularly so. I slept here last night for the first time since June. There is no tv, nothing in the kitchen to use other than one plate and a couple of cups. I've got one set of work clothes and towels that I use when I'm here.

It is like this place both alien and familiar. I've loved this house, but was glad when I had a contract back in June. At the time I packed it all up and thought it would be the last time I'd stay here. I told John at the time that I was glad to be leaving, because though I had loved the house, it had been filled with so much pain. I was worried yesterday that I would encounter that pain again by staying here, but it doesn't seem like it. Maybe that is all successfully fading into the past? I never know for sure.

Well, I guess I've taken enough of a mowing break. It is much hotter here than in OKC the last week or two.


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