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So, I've pretty much been running non-stop since February, and it is time for a break. This weekend is the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and I'm quite excited. I had such a blast last year, and this year looks like it will be even better.

I am really tired. Though busy, during the early summer I wasn't stressed much. But the stress has been building lately. The house not selling and still being at Mom's is draining. I sold my first house in two weeks and my second in three and now this one has been on the market since mid-April. And I haven't been somewhere that isn't OKC or Dallas, basically, all of this year. That's quite different from my usual series of travels during the summer months. I've got a couple of trips planned this fall with the parents. When we planned them, we didn't think we'd still be living together, so I'm not sure how much like a vacation they will feel when the time comes.

John and I have rarely been able to see each other the second half of this summer. With his truck stolen, high gas prices, work schedules and stress, illness, and other things, we've had trouble getting together. The last time we were together, he was sick. It is fine taking care of one's sick boyfriend, but when it is the only time you spend together in an seven week period, it isn't all that fun.

Though church continues to go well, I've been here long enough that the new is wearing off and I'm settling more into the routine with all its bumps. Some of that is just that I'm tired and need to recharge to bring my enthusiasm and energy.

How much better EVERYTHING would be if I had my own house to live in!


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