Taking the GOP to Task

Excellent George Will column in today's Washington Post. He criticizes the GOP for

* allowing religious conservatives to gain too much power
* not controlling spending
* abandoning limited government philosophy

He concludes:

Perhaps. But if so, limited-government conservatives will dissociate from a Republican Party more congenial to overreaching social conservatives. Then those Republican congressional caucuses will be smaller, and Republican control of the executive branch will be rarer.

Of course, I think there have been a number of defections, like my own, since this administration started running amok. I think they will continue. Though I am encouraged by the recent steps in the Senate by Republicans who don't support the President's execution of the war.


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Wait, did you just confess that you were once a Reagan or Bush Sr, or Jr. Republican?

Scott Jones

I didn't just confess it. Look in my archives. The second post I ever wrote, the one that motivated beginning this blog is entitled "A Former Republican Against Bush." Also, you can read my tribute to Ronald Reagan when he died. And last winter I did a whole series of narratives on my own political journey.


Scott, please forgive my extreme bad memory. I actually read what you wrote some time ago and found it to be extraordinary and quoted some of it on Jesus Politics. I am very happy to see you have left the Bush camp, but still, my God, what WERE you thinking back in 2000??!!
I also noticed that you started typepad blogging on April 4th, 2004. I started on the following day, April 5th, 2004.

Scott Jones

I spent an entire Lent in contrition for 2000. I'd rather forget it.

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