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With the impending close on my house in Dallas, I have been working overtime to arrange the move and resettle. And I've found a place! I'm going to lease for a year to save back up instead of buying right off. Now, I haven't hunted for rental property since college, so I was not really sure what to do. Over the last couple of weeks I talked to friends and started looking around. Friday I spent the entire day looking. And it wasn't promising. Very discouraging in fact.

Then I found it. It wasn't advertised; I just happened to drive by it. Saw it at 6 that evening. Could have signed the lease then, but wanted to think on it. Someone else was coming at 7; I was afraid I might lose it, but still, didn't want to commit then (partially because I had only seen it in the dark). Yesterday morning I took Mom by and with her seal of approval, I signed a year's lease.

It is 2000 square feet. No kidding. 550 more square feet than the largest house I've owned. And it is amazingly affordable. My friends who have seen it are stunned, and my step-dad considers it a blessing. So, I move in Saturday. I'm in this whirlwind. Life had gotten so lazy as it hung in limbo. Now it is all action again.


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Congratulations!!! Now you should throw massive parties. :)


congrats! 2000sf on one level or multiple levels?

Scott Jones

one level.

Yes, I shall throw massive parties.


Is it a house or apt? or townhome?

Scott Jones

one of those big old, two story homes where there is a flat on both floors.

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