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Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Birthday To Me!

I had a great time in Kansas City. It was very relaxing and fun. I did lots and lots of shopping. Kristen helped me pick out all new lines of products -- skin care, hair care, bath and shower, etc. Yeah! One outfit I bought is going to be a combination of pieces purchased at Brooks Brothers, Armani Exchange, and Gap -- combining elements from all those stores I think is shopping genius.

Visited with Chuck & Kristen, Ben, Kim, & Cora, Andrew, Spoon, Barrett & Jackie, and Allison. Had a great dinner Saturday night at this cool pizza bar called Grinders that is owned by a sculptor who has a sculpture garden outside. The restaurant decor included posters of George Bush that had been desecrated in various interesting ways.

Last night when I got home I went for my annual dinner of chicken fried steak. The parents took me. Then I went to see Cody's lovely new appliances.

Today the weather is gorgeous. And I'm going to do my normal Monday work and also do some stuff outside.

Have a happy my birthday!


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Happy Birtday Friend!


I liked your highly confusing ending sentence. I reminds me of that old saying: "Have good and get having give!"


Yay happy bday!

mary casey

remember your first few days at ROYAL LANE... I didnt even know you and you came over to celebrate your birthday at my house :) I love you scott and wish you the best in this year/life ahead of you. Hopefully we will see eachother soon. You mean the world to me. Thanks for the memories.



Happy birthday, Scott. Wanna go skiing this spring break? I know a place you could stay, pretty cheap, driving distance from all of the slopes...

Scott Jones

Can't ski this spring break, sorry.

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