More on the Equality Ride
Equality Ride at OBU: Day One


The Equality Riders rode into town today on their magnificently painted bus to a grand welcome of cheers and hugs at Church of the Open Arms. Dinner was followed by a presentation that was attended by many members of the GLBT community, including prominent leaders. Earlier in the evening OBU officials discussed tomorrow's direct action with some of the group's leaders. I chatted with the OBU folk I knew, who warmly greeted me when they entered. This is a good sign.

I'm energized! It was powerful to hear these young people's stories. They tell stories of religious abuse that they've received growing up. A number of them attempted suicide. There stories are incredible. I wish more anti-gay people would take the time to actually listen.

Why am I so energized? As a student I was an outspoken and public critic of the school's policy on homosexuality. And we got little attention and no dialogue. I am SO excited that finally it is getting attention and discussion. It's too bad that outsiders generated all this activity.

So I'm ready to return and take a stand where I long ago decided to take a stand. I cant' wait!

And to all my gay alumni friends who live elsewhere and can't be there this week. You'll be with me; deep in my heart.


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Hey Scott, I was gonna just e-mail this to you but I couldn't find your address anywhere on here & for some reason I didn't have it saved. I have a photography website up now,, please tell me what you think!

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