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My Earliest Gay Story

At First Baptist Miami, the long time teacher of the four year old pre-school Sunday school class was Florence Rousseau. Mrs. Rousseau was one of the saints of FBC Miami. She had taught most of our parents and now a new generation of children. She was dedicated and hardworking and beloved. She was also poor, which most of our members weren't.

One day in pre-school I kissed another boy. It seemed like the natural thing to do.

I've worked with young kids when I was a summer camp counselor at the Shawnee Y. Kids often kiss each other. There's nothing sexual or erotic about it at that age. I think they do it to express affection and because it seems natural. It is a common thing.

I got in trouble. I was told not to do that because that's what naughty men do.

I don't think it was Mrs. Rousseau who said that to me, but some other worker in the class. But that phrase stuck. I later asked my mother what it meant. I remember she gave a vague answer, but reaffirmed not to kiss another boy.

It was a long time before I did.


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