My Equality Ride Stories

I Don't Know This World

With all the bad things that happen in the world today, the things that make you depressed about where we might be headed, it is good to hear something so positive that you are shocked it comes from this world. And maybe it doesn't?

I've been carrying on a weekly discussion group/bible study with OBU students. Last Wednesday when I met them, I heard really exciting news. One student who had been in counseling for five semesters told her counselor that she wasn't returning to counseling anymore if Lauren (who outed herself in Newsweek) didn't have to go to counseling. Administrators met and a decision was made that she didn't have to continue in counseling because the new school policy doesn't say you can't be gay, simply that you have to meet the school's standards on sexual behavior.

This is a stunning development! As I said, I don't recognize this world.

Part of me is scared, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Part of me is so excited, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.


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hey, no comments on my own post?
You shd have a collection of links that you did on coming of Equality Ride and its after effects....

Scott Jones

No, I did read yours. I figured you had your perspective and story and I had mine.

Yeah, I thought about linking all of them. I'll do that.

Tim Sean

I too wonder when the other shoe will drop and hope it will not.

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