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My Equality Ride Stories

At the request of dlw, here are all the links to my various Equality Ride posts.

Equality Ride Coming to OBU

Have you heard about the Equality Ride? Based on the Freedom Rides of the Civil Rights movement, a group of GLBT young adults is traveling across the country visiting colleges and universities with anti-gay policies. OBU is on the list. They will be here March 23rd & 24th. . . . [Read More]

Afraid of Power

A sermon I preached the Sunday before they arrived.

I’ve been reading about the Equality Ride as they make their way across the country and will arrive here this week. Jacob Reitan, the very young man who organized this ride, inspires me. I can’t wait to meet him. He’s already been arrested on the orders of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, so he must be a great guy. . . . [Read More]

More on the Equality Ride

Haven Herrin explains why she was arrested at Regent University. . . . [Read More]


The Equality Riders rode into town today on their magnificently painted bus to a grand welcome of cheers and hugs at Church of the Open Arms. Dinner was followed by a presentation that was attended by many members of the GLBT community, including prominent leaders. Earlier in the evening OBU officials discussed tomorrow's direct action with some of the group's leaders. I chatted with the OBU folk I knew, who warmly greeted me when they entered. This is a good sign. . . . [Read More]

Equality Ride at OBU: Day One

In my wildest dreams as a student, this never would have happened. I really did want to cry at the end of the day. . . . [Read More]

Equality Ride at OBU: Day Two

Friday I didn't arrive in the morning, so I can't give insight into what actions the Equality Riders may have taken. I do know that there was a lot of debate within the group. Some thought that they should push harder and take more direct action. My view was the direct action's purpose is to open an opportunity for dialogue. That had happened, so let's see where that gets us and reserve the option for more action later. . . . [Read More]

The Ones Not Afraid

Sermon preached the Sunday after their visit.

It takes courage to break down barriers and turn a process of exclusion into one of inclusion. This week as I worked on this sermon I read enough material to begin writing a thesis. There is much more to be said about the Purity Code, its origins, it application, and the criticism of it by Jesus and the prophets. A lot of that reading entered into my thoughts tonight. But what also entered into my thinking were the events of the week and the many conversations that I’ve had surrounding the visit of the Equality Ride to Oklahoma City and Shawnee. . . . [Read More]

Some Press Coverage of the Equality Ride at OBU

With every small step we take here in Oklahoma, our opponents rally and force us back two or three steps, proving the importance of direct action campaigns like the Equality Ride and the conversations that they generate. . . . [Read More]

OBU Update

Yesterday I had my follow up meeting with OBU administrators. This was a meeting they scheduled. It lasted an hour and half. It was quite an unbelievable experience. . . . [Read More]

I Don't Know This World


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Thank you for covering this. It has been important to me.

It has also been wonderful to read some of your other writings. I will be returning!

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