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Bad Hair Leads to Genuine Adventure

My monthly Hard News Online column is about the Da Vinci Code:

I haven't read The Da Vinci Code. Not because I have any objection to it; I just never got around to it. It sounds like a fun, pop thriller. I'm sure I'll see the movie, even if Tom Hanks' hair is hideous.
Ever since the book came out, we ministers have fielded lots of questions about its content, which I think is great because people are asking about parts of church history and biblical scholarship that they usually aren't interested in. Though the book is fiction, many have taken it to be fact, which is unfortunate. Now there are lots of other books out there responding to the novel, and various churches around town are having special events to discuss aspects of the story.
The truth is that early Christianity was a really complex, diverse mix of different theologies and practices. It was far more diverse and separated than the current denominations are.. . . [Read More]


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