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Da Vinci and X Men

I've been meaning to post my reviews of these films, so, though late, here they are.

Da Vinci Code

I'll not address the story and its issues (I've already done that in a previous post). As a film I thought it was fine. All the reviews are accurate in their criticisms, but I didn't really mind. I still enjoyed the movie.

2 film reels
3 1/2 popcorn kernels

X-Men 3

I probably need a second viewing to really get my sense of the film. Overall it wasn't bad as a conclusion to this series. I do think it tried to do too much in a limited amount of time and would have been better served as a plot drawn out over a couple of films.

I loved the visual of ripping the Golden Gate Bridge from its moorings, though it really served no serious purpose and is pretty ridiculous. We were also struck wondering why it turned nighttime suddenly. It was daylight when he ripped the bridge up and planted it on Alcatraz and then the very next shot it is the dark of night. Hmm.

The Advocate had an article before the film came out about the gay subtext and how the new directing/writing team that was straight was working extra hard to keep that subtext prominent. In fact, they made it even moreso. They said that in production they debated the ramifications to gay people, especially teens, to their plot choices. For example, they filmed two outcomes of Rogue taking the cure and weren't sure which way to go. I was troubled by their choice, given then article where they discussed the potential meaning of her taking it.

The film weakened seriously during the denouement. I think that after the climax, there was much left unresolved and that the denouement was weak.

Particularly weak was the develop of Magneto. What made this series stand out from the opening shot was that Magneto was different. The first film began with him in the Holocaust. He was initially fighting to keep the same thing from happening again. Over time he turned into that which he hated most. The final film should have brought that to some sort of development. His unmotivated, "What have I done?" was not enough and wasn't authentic.

2 1/2 film reels
4 popcorn kernels


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just to let you's not the final film in the series. There is a very special clip at the very end of the rolling credits.

Magneto became another version of what he hates. But he has always believed mutants were the superior race because of their gifts. He was and is fighting for mutant rights but not for equality.

Scott Jones

I know they plan spin-offs, but have said that this is the last X-Men. I didn't know about the clip. So, I should sit through the credits next time?


yep. Wolverine is the only spin off that I know off but there is talk of a fourth one.


Lacy saw the Da Vince Code last night and liked it until the end. She said it was like they were trying to soften the blow.


they signed the main cast to 3 films, so that is that. but we'll watching wolverine anytime.

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