Day Two
Bad Hair Leads to Genuine Adventure

Day Three

James Forbes said that America has been sleeping through a devolution, paraphrasing MLK who said that many American clergy had slept through a revolution during the Civil Rights Movement.

The best person so far was Anna Carter Florence, of whom I had not heard before this week. She's had the best sermon and the best lecture yet. Among her bits of wisdom: you cannot preach the text if you are trying to prove that you can; you can't preach God's Word without putting your own word on the line, unprotected; the text does not take orders, especially from humans; testimony is the move from "He is risen" to "I have seen the Lord;" our testimony will be heard as nonsense, it is rejected, but it will linger; and her concluding sentence "Don't worry about the bullshit, that's the way it is supposed to be -- it builds up the church."

No notes to pass along from the other presentations.


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"Don't worry about the bullshit, that's the way it is supposed to be -- it builds up the church."

Wow! I wish I heard that awhile back. Brilliant.

Scott Jones

Yes! It was a VERY powerful moment.

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