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grrr,grrrr, grrrrr
When I read about occourances like what is happening in Kentucky; a place like Scotland starts to look like a good place to move.


Top 5.


was it on the syllabus at the beginning of the semester? did he (or she) send a note home to parents before hand? seniors or not, it is still 'r' rated. did kids have the option to not watch it? what part did he show? was it the absolute best example for whatever it was being shown for? the blurb doesn't quite answer those questions.


While we all want to act put-out by this and all shocked and awed...I'm not. Who didn't know that Brokeback was an exceptionally contraversial film. And while I don't feel...outrgaed or offended by its contraversy, others do. I have to respect the right of others to not share my opinion, or I am as bad as they are. Luke teaches drama. He has to SO VERY CAREFULLY choose performance pieces because it is necessary for him to tow the line with the parents. That is a part of his job. He could do a lot of things just because they are semi-contraversial, but that would be detrimental to his career. I realize that it may not be fair, but this is where we live. We have to take careful, precautionary steps to change the attitude of America toward homosexuality. And just stirring the pot tends to make things worse. Did this teacher REALLY think this wouldn't cause a stir? That's just silly. And what did he accomplish by it? Outrage? The chance of losing his job? Great job, buddy. Way to further the cause.

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