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Road Trip Music

What a great summer topic!

My friend Casey sent out a MySpace bulletin requesting recommendations for road trip music. Here's what I responded with. What are your thoughts?

I'm going to reference albums.

Rolling Stone a few years ago recommended various road trip albums. Two of my favourites were on the list:

REM's Document
Mary J Blige's No More Drama

Various songs from either one work.

Now, it somewhat depends on where you are driving. Through the hills of NW Arkansas or similar places, I really like Nickel Creek's self-titled album. In various parts of the South I listen to Emmylou Harris' Red Dirt Girl or Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels (a GREAT road trip album btw). I have lots of Texas musicians I listen to, particularly when driving in Texas. You can't go wrong with the Old 97's, particularly the album Too Far to Care.

If you are going to a particular city, it is good to listen to their local music (like say, Bright Eyes for Kansas City or Outkast for Atlanta).

Now, then, I always love a little Rufus Wainwright. If you are in a really mellow mood, then Beck's Sea Change.

That's probably enough information.


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Saying KC/Bright Eyes is like saying Old 97's/St. Louis. Bright Eyes is from the Omaha area.
You don't want people to think you're from Denver do you?


Good call on the REM, and good call on Bright Eyes. And hey...what's wrong with Denver? :-)

Lately, my driving music has been Janis Joplin. But I'm a bit of a wierdo.


On my trips to OKC, which aren't really roads trips, but rather excursions, I listen to dance (electronic) music on the way up and drag ballads on the way back. However, if I get to feeling sleepy (which is sometimes the case since I go back at such late hours) I will throw the dance music back in.

If I'm going on a really long road trip, I take alot of Beethoven, Mannheim Steamroller, and Rufus Wainright. Yeah, I know, my musical preferences are all over the board.

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