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I don't really know what to say about the war in Lebanon. I just think that the Middle East situation is probably unsolvable, at least for the forseeable future. I'm very angry at Israel for what I consider to be an overwhelming overreaction to what was quite clearly a provocation.

I've really gotten tired of the phrase "on the ground" as in, "that will be determined by conditions 'on the ground.'" Almost as annoyed as I was by the overuse (and often misuse) of "real time" a few years ago. What we used to call a "theatre of operations," we now are calling "ground" it seems. Maybe that's an improvement? But I simply find the phrase way overused, as if it has some profound meaning that can be used to avoid answering any serious question. I'd much rather hear folk answer what specific conditions (in Iraq say) will determine current and future actions.

Sunday night we honored Bruce Lowe with the first ever Hero of Hope Award of the Cathedral of Hope -- Oklahoma City. It was quite a moving service. After Bruce had finished speaking, almost everyone had teared up. I'm going to post some pictures next.


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Angry, my sentiment exactly.

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