10 Most Influential Oklahoma Sports Legends
We've Won One!!!!!!

An Evening in the Great Society

Last Friday I attended the opening reception of Harold Stevenson's exhibition of his work The Great Society and wrote about it in this week's HardNews Online:

"You must understand, Reverend Doctor, that each one was spontaneous; after the session, I never touched them again."
That was Harold Stevenson's aghast response to my question whether there were some portraits he didn't like that hadn't made it into his collection of 100 portraits known as The Great Society. I was privileged to be one of a small group of friends who sat at Misal's in Norman on Friday night after the successful opening reception of Stevenson's exhibit at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma. We peppered Stevenson with questions about the portraits and his life.
Who is Harold Stevenson?
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Great article, Scott! It was such a nice surprise to run into you at the opening. Hope to see you down this way again sometime.


"She was one of the judges of my cheerleading experience when I was in the eighth grade," Hill testified. Asked whether they were friends, Hill said no, but "I would see her and her then-boyfriend ... walk around school together because he was in football and she was a cheerleader or letter girl, something like that."

Joyner later married John Joyner; the two separated before her death. Police said John Joyner is not the boyfriend Hill believed was stolen from her.

The medical board blamed Hill for Joyner's death, calling her "grossly negligent" in administering fentanyl without the plastic surgeon's permission and for taking too long to alert the doctor that Joyner was having problems. The plastic surgeon took responsibility for the death in a 2003 agreement with the board but kept his license. Hill gave hers up.

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