Far Right Scrambling
My Night at the Skirvin

Human rights bills look promising

Three legislative measures:

* hate crimes
* non-discrimination in employmment
* overturning "don't ask, don't tell"

are all gaining traction in the new Congress. The first two, which have passed individual chambers at times even under GOP control, finally seem likely to pass and be sent to the President's desk.

Read further about these developments here.


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Robert Asbell

A Serious question: Do you really think the military is ready for overturning "Don't ask, Don't Tell"? I think some sectors are (people like me). Some sectors are not.(this would include all those homophobes that you rightly critisize AS WELL AS THOSE INDIVIDUALS, GAY OR STRAIGHT, THAT SOME HOW THINK THAT OVERTURNING DON'T ASK DON'T TELL OPENS A RHETORICAL PLATFORM TO COERCE PEOPLE TO APPROVE OF HOMOSEXUALITY). If you are REALLY serious about this then don't you think that we need to cultivate the virtue of tolerance. Would you be ready to serve in the military with someone that disapproves of homosexuality but treats you with respect. Are YOU ready not to villify him or her as stupid or hateful because he sees things from a different perspective philosophically or theologically? In my sector of the military(the musician community), we are NOT ready for this kind of tolerance. If we were to implement this kind of tolerance, what would the indoctrination or training in this virtue look like? If you were to enlist for service would you like your fellow servicemen told that they need to tolerate people of different sexual orientation because they are people that are capable and have the moral resolve to protect freedom and democracy around the world. And then YOU be told to respect your fellow service men that have different philosophical/theological view for the same reason.
I think we need to rediscover tolerance. Not the bullshit version fobbed on us by our educational system(that all views are true to the extent you cherish them and believe them). But the kind that allow the love of truth and the fellow man. I think the "hard charger" sector of the military has failed miserably...but not as bad as those "educated" people in my command.
So until I see a real virtue of tolerence sought....pardon me if I don't take you seriously.

Scott Jones

The British military's experience is telling. Some of the very generals and admirals who most opposed changing their rules were, within a year, some of the biggest advocates for GLBT people in the military.

I don't think I'm remotely guilty of what you claim in your comment. There are commentors on this blog who are. But I have consistently preached, like Dr. King, that the goal of Christian political protest is the "beloved community," meaning that you attack a position and not the value or worth of the people who hold the position.

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