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Where is Dan Quayle?

Lately I've been wondering something. The Religious Right is bemoaning a big name candidate for President that they can rally around. Though they like Brownback and Huckabee, each is a long shot for the nomination. And McCain, Giuliani, and Romney lack the bona fides needed and don't have a lock on the nomination either. Gingrich is considering jumping in and filling this vaccuum.

So, I got to thinking. Who is the biggest name politico that the Religious Right could get behind. Well, Dan Quayle of course. Where is the former Vice President?

He ran in 1999 but dropped out early when all the momentum was swinging to Bush. He's been virtually absent from public life the last seven years, so he would seem to be unsullied by the recent problems of the GOP. He's a former VP who could run as an outsider! Plus, he now lives in Arizona. The West is the true swing area for the 2008 election. Also, prior to becoming a leader of the Religious Right, then Senator Quayle was picked to be VP because he was solidly identified with the Reagan economic wing of the party. He was initially a solid fiscal conservative who became identified as a social conservative during his time as veep.

Though I wouldn't personally back a Quayle run for the presidency, it seems like he could be a viable candidate for the nomination. I'm curious that I've not even seem commentary to that effect anywhere.


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you're forgetting the whole he's perceived by both the right and left as a complete idiot, as opposed to bush who is just perceived as an idiot by those who would never vote for him...

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