Time to Catch Up


A couple of weeks ago I caught Zodiac. Fincher continues to make stylish, fun, well-made films.

I admired that this film was left wide open. It picked up plot points and never tied them up. Normally that would drive me nuts in a film, but it worked for this one, since the solution to the case has never been found.

It also is filled with a level of comedy, even in some of the horrific sequences, that I found quite enjoyable, plus it added to the film's creepiness. For example, when the couple is attacked near the lake, there is a sense of humour throughout. And the color, particularly in that scene, reminds one of something Hitchcock would do.

All three of the main actors deliver performances that you can really enjoy. I hope Robert Downey Jr is remembered come award season.

3 1/2 film reels
4 1/2 popcorn kernels


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