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Top Singles of the Aughts

After Charlie and Molly's rehearsal dinner (held at a great Jewish deli) some of us went to Amoeba Records. On the way home we started a conversation about the greatest singles of the aughts that continued the rest of the weekend. I waited for Charlie to blog about this, but also wanted to talk about it here too. We came up with the following list:

Crazy -- Gnarls Barkley
Seven Nation Army -- The White Stripes
Float On -- Modest Mouse (that's what got the conversation going)
Work It -- Missy Elliot
Yellow -- Coldplay

And we debated between Boulevard of Broken Dreams and American Idiot by Green Day. Charlie said we settled on the former, though I'm holding out for the latter.

It seemed that our criteria were that the song be wildly and broadly (that was important) popular, getting lots of play. It helped if it appeared in movies, tv shows, or commercials. Best if the song could be recognized even by people who aren't serious music fans. Of course, it also needed to be good.

The debate over the Green Day singles occurred because we acknowledge American Idiot as the first major album by a popular band to deal openly and directly with the war culture of America post-9/11 & Iraq. Though Boulevard might have played more broadly and be more recognizable, does American Idiot's role in that critique boost it above Boulevard? I think yes.

We discussed various other singles, but always rejected them for one reason or another.

Your thoughts?


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Matthew Miles

Ah, Jonesy lists. I like this one. I'm going to vote with you and go for American Idiot. I too believe the message is more important.


Would everyone hate me if I said Britney Spears' Toxic?

I add it only as a popular "control" so that you don't load the list with self-important "message songs." : )

Scott Jones

Phil, I do think that being "good" was a criterion.


Hey...the kids like it and you can dance to it.

Of course it's crap but it's very listen-able.


I continued the conversation on myspace: I like Toxic, but left it off my top 10 in favor of a Justin Timberlake. I went with Cry me a river, but I've been chastised by several and told to change it to Sexy Back. Also, I realized my top 10 did not include Float on, which it should. What does everyone think of Lose yourself by Eminem?

Scott Jones

Oh, definitely Lose Yourself. How'd we forget that one?

I was wondering about Your Body is a Wonderland. Just wondering still.

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