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Falwell student makes bombs to use on Phelps folk at funeral?

A strange story. The Phelps folk show up to protest the Falwell funeral because they perceive him to be gay friendly. And a Liberty student, angered, creates bombs that he might have used against Phelps?

Investigators determined that Uhl had problems with a group that protested at the funeral, Gaddy said. Rev. Fred Phelps and his Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church sent about a dozen members to protest across the street from the funeral, claiming Falwell was a friend to gays. The group has also picketed soldiers' burials, claiming the deaths are God's punishment for a nation that supports homosexuality.
Falwell frequently spoke against homosexuality, and gay rights advocates have consistently opposed him. A group of Liberty University students staged a counterprotest; it was not clear whether Uhl was involved. . . . [Read More]


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