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Blogging from New York City

Last Thursday I flew to Hartford, Connecticut. My first time in that city/state and even the first time in New England. I was there attending the 26th General Synod of the United Church of Christ. A handful of folk I knew were there, and I enjoyed hanging out with them. Speakers at the synod included Bill Moyers, Walter Brueggemann, Barak Obama, Lynn Redgrave. Highlights of the trip included the Wadsworth Athenauem (the oldest public art museum in the US), Sunday brunch at an old mill restaurant on the Podunk River, just outside of the city, and spending a full day with my friend Brian Kovacs, who now lives in Providence, RI and drove over for the day. I'm sure I'll blog in more detail when I get home a week from today.

Yesterday, my first full day in NYC, I wondered around Central Park. Saw the penguins at the Central Park Zoo. Went to the Guggenheim and really enjoyed the exhibition there. And spent 2 1/2 hours at the Natural History Museum, primarily to visit the Hayden Planetarium. It was quite nice. Last night Mekado took me to the advance screening of a film.

I've had trouble sleeping the last two nights, so I'm getting a really late start to my day today and think I'll probably just take it easy today anyway.

I really need to cry, but am unable to and know that I won't be able to for seven more days, until I get home. And that's an exhausting prospect.


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I did cry yesterday morning. Finally. And hte catharsis was good.


After reading your post about "needing to cry," I was puzzled at how attuned you were to knowing that you needed that particular type of emotional release. I realized that I had been needing something like that lately, as well. It happened for me last night.

The trigger was watching a National Geographic program called (of all things!) Inside the Green Berets--you can chuckle, here.

But, it told the story of a unit in Afghanistan with an embedded team of NG journalists and their daily forays into the towns in Afg. They were ambushed one evening and one of the vehicles was blown up, killing several in the party. During the taped memorial and seeing that flag draped coffin, I just lost it. Afg. is becoming known as "The Forgotten War." It's the one that Jeff, my bro-in-law, "fought" in and lost friends to. I guess all that came rushing home, colliding with other emotions that I've been feeling. It was a nice release.


See you tomorrow Phil.

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