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I was lying in bed this morning thinking about the writers whose language best captured Manhattan. The names that jumped immediately to mind were Edith Wharton, Walt Whitman, and Frederico Garcia Lorca. Of course, there are so many others, but those popped first into my head.

Why was I thinking such thoughts? Because last night I was sitting in Washington Square Park. Perambulating in the park gave me thoughts of Henry James. I was imaginging his novel (Washington Square) occuring in the houses I was walking past.

It was a lovely moment. The temperature had finally cooled just a bit (it has been miserable hot here). But it had cooled because of rain and so was even more humid. There were lots of fun people in the park. Tourists, skateboarders, moms with kids, couples on dates (including lots of gay couples), etc. There was this odd wooden and wicker chair just sitting in the middle of the park. One mom took her daughter's picture standing next to it. I was sitting on the fountain watching all this. It was a lovely moment I wanted to share with someone. The first choice wasn't an option. The second choices were at dinner together. So this led me to my friend who I call when I'm depressed, as I was beginning to be. Then I called another friend. And then my friend Tom arrived and we went to dinner and then our tour of the West Village.

My gay pilgrimmage to the site of the beginnings of the modern American gay liberation movement. The Stonewall Inn was having some lesbian event, so we didn't stay there. But we bounced around a handful of bars, finding a fun cabaret night going on at The Duplex (and lots of cute boys to boot).

We walked down to the Christopher Street Pier. I really loved it. I think it is something about rivers, about waters in general, that really touch me. Reflecting later on this moment, I thought of myself standing on the banks of the Mississippi thinking about the language of Mark Twain, and thus the circle closes on my thoughts of Manhattan and language.

Sidenote: the two things I've, so far, really enjoyed about the city: the pier and the fact that you can eat after nine o'clock, which is always a challenge in OKC.


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Hey, not sure if you remember me - Jessica, friend of the McCarty's and Horton's, recently of Starbucks fame. :) I just recently (in March) moved to NYC! Glad to see you enjoying the city. Would love to chat sometime!


Cool. Well, I wouldn't completely say enjoying is accurate. The heat and humidity made the first couple of days miserable. I basically stayed in during the day.

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