Sulu's asteroids!
Poetic Excerpt

Oh, Silly Tangled Webs

Why do we make much ado about the silliest little things. This should be worth a laugh and nothing more.

Read about the lawmaker who accidentally flashed a picture of a naked woman to a high school audience. And the absurdities that followed.


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Heather Jones

Hi Scott,

I am not sure that you will remember me, but I went to OBU. I found your blog through the Equality Ride website. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and it sounds like things are really great in your life. I would love to talk to you further if you have time. I also noticed pictures of Tom Johnson, Valerie Koontz, and Mekado Murphy. I would also love to catch up with these folks if you would like to give them my email address.
I am currently living in Lawrence, Kansas with my partner of almost 10 years. We just adopted a new baby boy from Vietnam this summer! I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care,
Heather Jones



It doesn't display your e-mail address with the comments. E-mail me at and I'll send you my real e-mail address. It would be great to catch up!


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