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The Dynasty Issue

Nicholas Kristof in the NYTimes writes a good, and I think important, piece on the issue of creating political dynasties in America and whether that is good for us. It is worth reading and considering.

We Americans snicker patronizingly as “democratic” Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, India and Argentina hand over power to a wife or child of a former leader. Yet I can’t find any example of even the most rinky-dink “democracy” confining power continuously for seven terms over 28 years to four people from two families. (And that’s not counting George H.W. Bush’s eight years as vice president.). . . [Read more]


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read this one, this morning. Good stuff. It is a bit shocking to find out how much those two families have dominated the American political landscape for so long. My father-in-law swears they've been in cahoots with one another for this very purpose. but...well, you gotta take that with a grain of salt.

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