The Debate
This Morning

The Post-Debate

Well, the debate is over. Hmm. Each of them looked bad and unattractive at times. Annoying even.

I feel very strongly about Hillary's experience and ability.

But Obama grabbed me at a point near the end that will not be one of those played very much. Edwards had said that McCain would likely be the GOP nominee. Clinton responded by talking about her ability to face McCain in an election based on national security. It was a convincing point. But then Obama responded that that was part of the problem. That we can't run against McCain as GOP-lite (my term, not his). We have to redraw the political map. And on foreign policy we have to craft a completely new strategic approach.

I agree on this final point, that we do need a completely new strategic approach. One of the failures of the Clinton years was a inability to craft this new post-Cold War strategy.

Now, I'm not convinced that Obama can do it, but one of the clear differences between him and Clinton is that she doesn't even seem to be speaking about that sort of new strategic approach. I'd like to hear more specifics from him.


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It really is one the more difficult races! I vacillate all day between Edwards and Clinton. But who knows who I'll actually vote for.


If you haven't watched Barack's address to MLK's church in Atlanta, you should. He gives a better idea of what he means when he talks about a new kind of politics.

You can find it here:

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