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Further Reflections on this Week's Trial

Mark Christian, who is pastor of First Unitarian Church and my friend, said that it is also a social justice issue. Let me explain.

My congregant was accused of going outside naked on his back porch and playing with himself. He has always maintained his innocence, saying that he had stepped out in his underwear to look around after hearing a loud noise.

Mark explained that the wealthy have the ability to live in estates or big homes with walls, fences, and security. Greater privacy is a privilege of wealth. Wealthy people are freer to engage in more types of behaviour and are less likely to stand victim to accusation and the legal justice system.


Another thing. Part of what has baffled me and many others in this whole experience is how often we could have been accused of something. I used to have a hot tub when I lived in Shawnee. Often I or other folk used it with no clothes on. Most people who own hot tubs or pools do. Or how many women sun bathe naked in their backyards? Or how many people go outside occasionally in their underwear to get the paper or whatever. And back when I was a kid, it was nothing to stop alongside the road to go pee. Our school bus used to stop and let us run to the fence to relieve ourselves.

So, it could be almost anyone who might find themselves in this position.

The defense lawyer also said that whatever the accuser saw is less graphic than stuff she could see on tv.


Two reflections, one that frigtheningly shows how any of us could fall victim to accusation. The other which demonstrates how certain populations are more likely to fall victim -- populations which have fewer resources with which to defend themselves.


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