Flashpoint Response
Jerre Fine on Kern -- a great report

After Watching

Well, I felt great after watching it. In the moment you can't really remember everything that was said and how it went. But watching it, I really felt good. I got in a lot of points. And, yes, she interrupted me every single time I spoke. Many people have commented that she came across as very rude.

I received lots of great response yesterday. Thank you. Even a pan handler stopped me on the street last night to say he had seen me on tv that morning and wanted to talk about it!


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I applaud you for your statements as well as your restraint.

I don't think I would have kept my cool.

Jill Hill

I thought you did a great job, Scott. I don't know how you maintained your composure! Keep speaking the truth.


you were amazing and truly my hero for the week.


You did great. I had to take a break from watching because her stupidity was killing me.

Nelson G

What a pair Sally has for trying to present herself as knowing more about the bible than you. You were great!


Thanks everyone!


Hi, I wanted to say that I appreciate and thank you for your willingness to "go into the lion's den" and appear on the show, as well as for the points that you were allowed to make. I wish that the time constraints and the moderators had been willing to address the many other issues that seem to be surrounding Sally Kern at the moment. Thanks again!



Hey Scott, I am an evangelical christian who is very unhappy with Sally Kern's comments. I'd appreciate it if you would check out my posts on the matter and let me know what you think.

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