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Reflections on My Easter Sermon


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I enjoyed you on Flash Point. Thank you for showing Rep. Kerns love and respect, the same love and respect Jesus showed others during his time on Earth. I have issues with organized religion mostly because of people like Rep. Kern. It was refreshing to see a christian who just wants a personal relationship with Christ and to love others in the name of Christ. Thanks for keeping it real.

Andrew Geoffrey Beres

If Sally Kern knows as much about our depraved, jihad-loving, America-destroying homosexual agenda as she seems to think she does, I would think that she would know better than to think she could get away with making such ignorant and insensitive comments regarding the Community. Let me rephrase: regarding the Family. (Oh snap!)

If Sally Kern supports a reactionary, return to the "good ole days" mentality, where a family is one size fits all, as much as she thinks she does, then I am shocked and appalled that she is neither barefoot nor pregnant nor in the kitchen making me a "sammich". (Oh snap!)

If Sally Kern believes in karma or the Golden Rule, believes that what goes up must come down, that what goes around comes around, or that you get what you give, then she should think about censoring her words a bit more before they tumble out of her mouth. (Oh snap!)

My dry wit and artistic sensibility must stem from my homosexuality, which itself was obviously a choice I made one day when there was nothing on television worth watching. So, since I'm very gay (the Osama of the gay Taliban, actually), I could keep this up until this year's Pride. Admittedly, it helps that Sally Kern has graciously given me such an abundance of material to work with.

However, it would be taking the easy way out to make a joke of the situation and leave it at that. Furthermore, the point of my writing this isn't to vilify Sally Kern. In truth, it's her own hate speech that defamed her before the rest of us had a chance.

Rather, I am writing this to commend and thank you. Your carriage was flawless, and you successfully managed to remain (outwardly) calm, collected, and poised. It doesn't hurt that you actually have the credibility to back up what you say, unlike your opponent. Of course, I also applaud that you could restrain yourself from beating her with a stick. I make no claim that I could do the same.

You brought up the issue of biblical interpretation, and that there is more than one. This is true. However, the Bible is just one part of that which I consider to be the Gay Canon. So I would like you to consider the anthem "We Are Family" as another part. After consulting with a number of academic and theological experts, I have concluded that there is no ambiguity of interpretation. Let it be recorded: "We Are Family" is absolutely not about Sally Kern. I think that pretty much says it all.

As I've managed to keep these comments rather light in the loafers, I'd like to close with a particularly gay quote from HuffPost's Kirk Snyder. "If Oklahoma is where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, perhaps a big gust will sweep Sally Kern out of office and to a place where she can no longer promote hate, violence and bigotry." Indeed.

Say it with me this time: Oh snap!

(As I'm pretty sure you are a fan of the Golden Rule, I encourage you to visit my blog, "the thing is this...", at www.andrewgeoffreyberes.com)


Hey Scott!

Just saw the show. You were great. I'm impressed with how calm you were. Great job, my friend!

I love you and am so pround of you!

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